Wednesday, February 1, 2012

last weekend fun

                   i went to a class at mindy's wishstudio. got to meet the lovely leah piken kolidas
                                                                played with ink.
                                leah is truly lovely. i hope to create and talk with her again....soon!
                                    it was a beautiful saturday so chris and i took advantage of it.
                                                              i too pick peace.
                                                                    this is very true.
                                                   i played with some ink later that night.
                    i also took an encaustic class sunday with susan. i wish i remembered my camera.
                            i am loving this book!! i highly recommend this book i'm also in it....eeek.
                                            i hope you all had a wonderful last weekend.
many hugs and smiles~ jill


  1. What a great day + class that looks like. Congrats on the book!

  2. oh how I love this. I dream of one day attending a workshop there. It seems like such a lovely place.