Monday, October 10, 2011

just something to think about

so much as happened since april. got married, got a year older, enjoyed family and friends, concerts etc.....

this sunday chris and i went into portsmouth. we were blessed with amazing weather this weekend and even today. we took a walk to strawberry bank and on our way there we saw this huge black board.
people were invited to write what they wanted before they die.
 i wrote a couple of things down such a FEARLESS, LOVE MYSELF and FORGIVE MYSELF
 one young girl wrote "LIVE" i had tears rolling down my face. a few people wrote fall in love, marry legally(these too made me cry) and people also wrote down places they hope to travel to.
this made me think how often i find myself not living, but how i'm full of worries. maybe i should do this excercise more often.
with each step i will do my best to LIVE MY LIFE as best as i can.( i'm working on a poem for this photo)

may you all live the life you have been given.
hugs and smiles~ jill